Грузовые перевозки и экспедирование грузов

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Road transporting, freight forwarding, delivery of groupage cargoes

road transporting

Our company provides transportation and forwarding services of cargo delivery to all regions of Russia. Freight transportation cars carried out with useful volume of 36, 82, 90 m3, load capacity up to 20 tons. You can receive any advice on road transportation. We carry out the cargo transportation "door to door" in any, even the most remote location of Russia. We’ll deliver your cargo to any destination, if roads are laid there.


Bimetal sales. The two-layer corrosion-resistant steel

corrosion-resistant steel

The two-layer corrosion-resistant steel is an irreplaceable construction material for tanks, vessels, autoclaves and other containers for water, oil and other fluids increased aggressiveness, as well as instrument engineering and for the manufacture of machine parts and tools.


Rolled Metal

metal rolling

We sell a wide range of steel products. We guarantee each customer a consistently high quality of service regardless of the purchase of rolled metal products wholesale or retail.


Warehouse services, cross-docking, responsible storage of goods

warehouse services

We provide a full range of warehouse services from responsible storage of goods to cross-docking. Availability of modern technology in the warehouse allows to process large cargo traffic of goods of any kind, without the delays and failures. Warehouse facilities equipped with everything necessary to ensure the proper conditions for the storage and movement of goods.


Office equipment, licensed software and expendable materials

licensed software

We supply office equipment, software and expendables from leading manufacturers. We offer a wide selection of products from the phones and faxes to the servers and multifunction workstations. Always in stock the current software.


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About Us

The company SPECHOLDING provides a wide range of services from implementation freight transportation across the territory of Russia prior to the sale double layer stainless steel (bimetall).

Special Offer

The company "SPECHOLDING" offers metal sheets of heat-resistant stainless brand ЭП410У-Ш, ЭИ-878 and СП28ВД at special prices!

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